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The Best Print & Digital Advertising Options Are Available Through The Midland Reporter-Telegram!

Are you looking for an opportunity to boast your business via digital advertising? Are you also interested in classic print advertising? Whether you are looking for or spreading breaking news, The Midland Reporter-Telegram is the daily newspaper to choose!breaking news Midland Texas

The Midland Reporter-Telegram is one of the most top rated daily newspapers in the Midland, Texas area. We are your number one source for breaking news, as well as print and digital advertising. From obituaries to classified ads and more, we broadcast it all!

In this digital age, it’s essential that your business have a robust internet presence. If you are an existing business owner or planning to open a new business, we can help you with digital advertising, social media services, web design, and more. Advertising your business on digital platforms will help your business stand out and stay connected with your clients. We serve businesses in Midland Texas and the surrounding areas. Call us today for digital advertising services.

From breaking news stories and obituaries to more, we can help!

Breaking news in Midland Texas is what we’re about, but that’s not all we do. From obituaries to classified ads, we do it all. We even offer the best print and digital advertising services for local individuals and businesses. That’s why The Midland Reporter-Telegram is one of the most reliable, trusted and top-rated daily newspapers in the area. Make sure you know what’s happening in our community. Subscribe today for all of the latest breaking news and much more.

Acquired by the Hearst Corporation in 1979, The Midland Reporter-Telegram is located in the heart of the vast 54-county Permian Basin of West Texas. Our newspaper’s special coverage and breaking news stories include the Permian Basin Oil Report, a weekly section devoted to the news of the gas and oil industry. Our geological region of West Texas produces about 70% of the oil in Texas! For breaking news about gas and oil, local news, print advertising, and more, check out our website!

Whether you want to broadcast your business via digital advertising or are looking for print advertising to find an item you need, choose The Midland Reporter-Telegram!

print advertising Midland Texas The Future is in Digital Advertising

Since technology has advanced, digital advertising has grown to be more popular and more important. On the internet, any advertising, whether it be via banner ads or through social media, has the opportunity to reach a wider range of possible customers than print advertising. There are a variety of ways in which to advertise on the internet and The Midland Reporter-Telegram is proud to provide you with some of those options!

Whether you have a small business or a start-up, digital solutions can do wonders to help the world know about your business and your services. We serve clients in Midland, Texas with our innovative digital advertising solutions. Our services are cost-effective and utilize the latest strategies to help you get the results you desire. Interested in learning why digital advertising may be the best solution for your business? Schedule a consultation with our experts today.

In general, digital advertising takes longer to create than print ads. However, there is more opportunity for customization than in a standard print ad. Digital advertising can be static or animated, can be linked directly to your website, and can be made in several different sizes. If you have previously created an ad and would like us to feature it, the following information is important:

  • Camera ready ads have a maximum file size of 40k
  • Accepted formats include .jpeg, .gif, or .swf files
  • Cost is based on the size of the ad and number of impressions you purchase
  • It will take 3-5 days for your ad hto appear online, once it has be approved
  • Pre-payment is required without credit approvaldigital advertising Midland Texas

To obtain a quote for digital advertising, call our Retail Advertising Department at (432) 682-5311, option 4.

Print Advertising is a classic solution for a variety of businesses and wields great growth results. The Midland Reporter-Telegram offers quality print advertising services to Midland, Texas. The cost of print advertising depends on the size, type, and placement of the ad. In any of our print advertising services, pre-payment is required. To place an ad via the internet, click the “Place Ad” button located at the top of our website. You can also submit your ad via phone at (432) 682-6222 or fax at (432) 682-6999.

The deadline for publication is as follows:

  • Monday- Thursday 5:00 pm for publication in the next day’s paper
  • Friday 12:00 pm for publication in Saturday’s paper
  • Friday 5:00 pm for publication in Sunday and Monday’s papers

The Midland Reporter-Telegram can run a variety of advertisements based on your needs. The following are some of the ad options we offer, along with their requirements. For more information on our print or digital advertising options or to submit an ad, contact us today!

Retail Advertising

Retail ads run in the body of the newspaper, opposed to in the Classified section. The cost depends on size, placement, times the ad will run, and whether the ad is in black and white or in color. Pre-payment is required without credit approval.

To take advantage of our services and promote your business in our paper, obtain a quote by calling our Retail Advertising Department at (432) 682-5311, option 4.

Death Notices & Obituaries

A death notice is free of charge and published as a courtesy, often providing the information needed for attending the funeral proceedings. There are very strict guidelines and these ads can only be run one time. Photos are not allowed and the deadline for submissions is 3:30 pm daily in order to be published in the next day’s paper. Many times, the funeral home places the notice for you, but if they do not, you can place one yourself.

Required information for placing a death notice:

  • Your Full name, Address, Phone number
  • Name and city of the funeral home or cremation society

An obituary is a paid listing, often provided for you by the funeral home you choose. Unlike death notices, photos can be included for an additional fee, as long as they are in .jpeg format. Obituaries can also be run as many times as you would like, each subsequent run is half off. If the funeral home does not place your obituary for you, you can place it yourself.

Required information for an obituary:

  • Your Full name, Address, Phone number
  • Name and city of the funeral home or cremation society
  • Name of the deceased
  • Their date of birth and death
  • Survivors and any additional information you wish to provide

For both death notices and obituaries, pre-payment is required. Verification prior to publication is also important so the information is not misleading. Any omission of the required information will delay publication.

To submit your notice or obituary:
Call: (432) 682-6222
Fax: (432) 682-6999

Engagement, Wedding, & Anniversary Announcements

What a greater way to share your joy with the rest of the Midland, Texas area than with print advertising! Whether you are interested in announcing an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, know that these ads are paid listings. They will appear in the West Texas Living section of the Midland-Reporter Telegram on Sundays only. The cost depends on the content and size, as various sizes are available. All announcements are two columns wide and are limited to one full column in length. At an additional fee, photos can be included but they need to be in .jpeg format. Pre-payment is required and the deadline for submission is ten days prior to the desired publication date.

To share your love and good fortunes with the Midland, Texas area, submit your announcement:
Call: (432) 682-6222
Fax: (432) 682-6999

Legal Notices

Legal notices are paid listing and are ads that convey the legal actions or intent in a civil lawsuit. All verbiage must be provided by the customer and legal notices must be a minimum of two columns wide. They can run any day of the week and, of course, pre-payment is required. Photos can be included for an additional fee, but are only accepted in .jpeg format. The cost is dependent upon the content of the legal notice. The deadline for publication is two days prior to the desired publication date.

To submit a legal notice:
Call: (432) 682-6222
Fax: (432) 682-6999

Print Advertising: an Effective Option

Pulse is Midland, Texas’ premier dining and entertainment guide

Pulse is published and inserted in the Thursday edition of the Midland Reporter-Telegram and is also in-rack at local restaurants and hotels. The cost of boasting your business via Pulse is dependent on the size, placement, amount of run times, and whether your ad is in color or black and white. Pulse is a great place to advertise your business or restaurant, especially if you have special offers or coupons. We do require pre-payment if you do not have credit approval. Keep in mind, the deadline for ad submissions is Friday at 5:00 pm; your ad will appear in the following week’s publication.

To obtain a quote for print advertising in Pulse, call our Retail Advertising Department at (432) 682-5311, option 4.


MyWestTexasWeekly is similar to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, but is distributed to non-subscribers every Wednesday. If you are interested in posting print advertising in this format, the requirements are similar to our Pulse dining and entertainment guide. The cost depends on size, how many times the ad will run, and whether your ad is color or black and white. The deadline for ad submissions is Friday at 12:00 pm for publication the following week. Again, pre-payment is required without credit approval.

To obtain a quote for print advertising in MyWestTexasWeekly, call our Retail Advertising Department at (432) 682-5311, option 4.

The Advertising Department with the Midland Reporter-Telegram is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Whether you are interested in print advertising or digital advertising, The Midland Reporter-Telegram is the newspaper to choose in the Midland, Texas area. We provide a variety of regular important information as well as breaking news stories! To place an ad with us or to read about what’s going on in the Midland, Texas area, contact us today for visit our website!

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The Midland Reporter-Telegram provides breaking news to Midland, Texas. We offer a huge variety of digital advertising and print advertising through many publications, including, Pulse, My West Texas Weekly, Events, E-Edition, The Permian Basin Oil Report, and more. Trust our team to get the word out about your business! Contact us today for more information!

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